1-800 Contacts Review: Five Reasons To Buy Your Contacts Here (And One Reason Not To) (2023)

As a daily disposable contacts lens wearer, I’ve been purchasing my contacts from 1-800 Contacts for years. Although some sites offer lower pricing, there are five main reasons I have been a loyal customer since 2014. Read on for my full 1-800 Contacts review so you can decide if the online contacts retailer is right for you.

As per the company’s Gajillion Percent Promise, the products are not only high-quality, but also covered for free returns and exchanges. This service is convenient and the Best Price Guarantee ensures I get the lowest price offered by competitors. That said, cashing in on the Best Price Guarantee can take extra time, which may not be ideal for some customers. Overall, though, I’ve found the benefits of ordering from 1-800 Contacts outweigh the downsides.


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Best for:

  • Getting the best price on your eyewear via the Best Price Guarantee
  • Offering a generous return policy in the event you have leftover contacts and/or your prescription changes
  • Quick and easy customer service via the onsite 24/7 live chat
  • Online prescription renewals via the ExpressExam feature
  • Getting your contacts covered by insurance or HSA/FSA

Skip if:

  • You want the lowest price from the get-go and don’t have time/don’t want to shop around for competitive pricing
  • You want to use your insurance and get the lowest price possible (you can’t take advantage of the Best Price Guarantee if purchasing through insurance—you’ll have to pay sticker price)
  • You need an in-person contact lens fitting

Quality Products

As far as finding a website that offers name-brand products, buying from a big name like 1-800 Contacts is a fairly safe bet (some doctors warn against buying contacts online because there are illegitimate knock-offs out there). The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and while you can often find lenses cheaper on other sites, the Best Price Guarantee means you can stick with this well-known retailer without overpaying. Plus, 1-800 Contacts will even replace lenses if you accidentally tear them (this can come in handy if you don’t use dailies). Throughout the years, my prescription has always been right when I ordered, too. But in the event of a mistake, I trust 1-800 Contacts to make it right.

Ordering contacts online might work best for you if you already have a brand that works well for you. If you’re experiencing any changes or discomfort with your lenses, seeing an eye doctor or contact lens specialist may be your best bet.

Best Price Guarantee

The 1-800 Contacts Best Price Guarantee is pretty self-explanatory: the company will honor the lowest price you can find on the same product then beat it by $1. To take advantage of the guarantee, you have to show proof of the lower-priced listing to make your purchase. To this, I have mixed feelings: It’s great to get competitive pricing, but it takes some legwork; why can’t 1-800 Contacts just offer the lowest prices from the get-go? And if I didn’t do my research, would I end up being overcharged?

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Never one to leave a discount on the table, my contact orders always take 20 to 30 minutes to complete because of the Best Price Guarantee. I hop onto the site’s 24/7 live chat (more on that later), ping a customer service rep and send competitor links to nab my discount. Unfortunately, finding eligible competitor listings is often easier said than done because there are so several disqualifying factors. For instance, the competitor has to be US-based and many “discounted prices” are only offered if you purchase a certain number of boxes. Another trick is to stack hidden fees in your cart. Promotional pricing, like discounts for new customers, also don’t count for the Best Price Guarantee.

Ultimately, it’ll take some back-and-forth between you and customer service to get that “best price.” Also, keep in mind that during wait times, the customer service team is limited to how many links they can look into per customer, which can be as few as two. Pro tip: To avoid wasting your time and money-saving chances, some eligible competitors that you can check to snag the Best Price Guarantee include Lens.com, Contact Lens King, Costco, Walgreens, Walmart, Sam’s Club and GlassesUSA.

Online Convenience

The online convenience 1-800 Contacts offers goes beyond contact lens shopping. As someone who hates making phone calls and is always on the computer, I love the site’s 24/7 live chat feature. It’s how I order my contacts, do the Best Price Guarantee and upload new prescription information—and I can do it with little interruption to my workday, since I’m already on the computer. I’ve also always had fantastic experiences with the customer service reps who have been, in my experience, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

For added convenience, you can renew your prescriptions online with the ExpressExam feature. While I haven’t tried it myself, the site touts that it takes 10 minutes and $20 for a doctor-approve prescription. Still, you should routinely visit your eye doctor to check you eye health. And if your contacts are irritating your eyes, you may need to check that the fit or brand is working for you with your doctor or a contact lens specialist.

Insurance And HSA/FSA

Like most major eyewear retailers, 1-800 Contacts takes insurance—you can look up your benefits on the site by plugging in your name and birthday). The caveat here is that you can’t take advantage of the Best Price Guarantee when using insurance, as the companies do not cover discounted services (therefore, you have to pay the sticker price on-site). However, there is a loophole if your insurance considers this an out-of-network cost, in which case you can get the Best Price Guarantee and get reimbursed.

If you have an FSA or HSA account, you can use these as well, and in conjunction with the Best Price Guarantee. I’ve used both my insurance stipend and HSA account to purchase contacts via the live chat and it’s easy as can be.

Return Unused Contacts And More

Among the perks encompassed by the aforementioned Gajillion Percent Promise, you get free returns and exchanges for contact lenses you don’t use. That includes contacts you bought prior to a prescription change or the two dozen lenses you have leftover from one eye and not the other (or does this only happen to me?). Further, there is no expiry return window so old lenses are fair game. While product should generally be returned unopened, the company also promises replacement lenses for any that arrive damaged or torn.

Overpay from your eye doctor or another retailer? 1-800 Contacts will buy these from you as well, although they’ll need to be in brand-new, unmarked boxes. All in all, the company tries to ensure you’re never stuck with lenses you don’t want, a promise that’s above and beyond most retailers.

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Final Thoughts

While 1-800 Contacts doesn’t always have my contacts listed at the lowest price, the Best Price Guarantee and convenient customer service keep me coming back. Other major reasons include my trust in the brand, the fact that I can pay with insurance or my HSA and the ability to return unused contacts, should my prescription ever change.

While the need to speak with a customer service agent every time I make a purchase—again, to take advantage of the Best Price Guarantee—can be annoying, the convenience of using the 24/7 live chat feature, plus the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, makes this extra step worth it. And, as I’ve mentioned, you should still visit your eye doctor for routine exams and to treat any issues. Overall, I highly recommend shopping at 1-800 Contacts for your prescription lenses if you know the brand that works for you.


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Is 1-800 Contacts Trustworthy?

I’ve been a 1-800 Contacts customer since 2014 and I personally find the company to be very trustworthy. I’m always happy with the service and the product. I have also returned extra contacts and found the process to be relatively simple.

It’s always important to do your own research and weigh the positives and negatives before making a purchase. If you’re still unsure whether you’d like to place an order with 1-800 Contacts, keep in mind that the customer service team is available 24/7. Further, you can always take advantage of the Gajillion Percent Promise, which covers free returns and exchanges for unopened, unused product.

How Long Does It Take To Get Contacts From 1-800 Contacts?

You can take advantage of free standard shipping and receive your contacts within 5 to 7 business days. In my experience, orders placed with standard shipping can arrive even faster—my most recent re-order from December 2022 showed up in just 2 days. If you’re in a rush, you can upgrade to 2 to 3 day shipping for $14.99 or overnight shipping for $19.99.

Just keep in mind that new prescriptions need to be verified and can add a full business day onto processing times.

Is Buying From 1-800 Contacts Cheaper Than My Eye Doctor?

Buying any kind of eyewear online may be cheaper than purchasing from your eye doctor—contact lenses included. That said, if your insurance or HSA/FSA covers the cost, it may not matter to you. When purchasing from 1-800 Contacts, in particular, you can also take advantage of the Best Price Guarantee, in which the company will beat the lowest price you can find on your product.

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Are 1-800 Contacts trustworthy? ›

1-800 Contacts is a legitimate, direct-to-consumer online retailer that was founded in 1995. It's accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has hundreds of reviews on consumer experience websites. If you order from 1-800 Contacts and you run into a problem, there will be customer service reps to assist you.

How does 1-800 Contacts verify your prescription? ›

If you don't have a copy of your prescription, go ahead and complete your order as you normally would. We'll try to verify your prescription by reaching out to your doctor who may be responding normally, even though they aren't seeing patients. You can also take our 10-minute online vision exam, ExpressExam.

Why does 1-800 Contacts need my prescription? ›

You'll get your contacts even faster

By law, we have to verify your prescription to make sure the contacts we're sending out are correct. We can contact your eye doctor's office for you, but it can take up to one business day to hear back from them.

Is 1-800 Contacts cheaper than eye doctor? ›

Contact lenses: 1-800 Contacts vs.

Almost any contact you could need is not only in-stock and it's almost guaranteed to be cheaper than your eye doctor's office. Plus, we accept most major vision insurances and offer our own in-house rebates.

What is the best place to buy contacts online? ›

Healthline's picks for the best stores to order contacts online
  • 1-800 Contacts.
  • ContactsDirect.
  • GlassesUSA.com.
  • Lens.com.
  • LensCrafters.
  • Warby Parker.
  • ContactLensKing.com.
  • Walmart Contacts.

Is 1-800 Contacts FDA approved? ›

All lenses 1-800 Contacts sells are FDA-approved for sale in the United States.

Can I order contacts without a verified prescription? ›

You cannot order contacts without a prescription, at least in the United States. You will need to have a prescription written by a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist to buy contact lenses.

How recent does your prescription have to be for 1-800 Contacts? ›

It shall not expire less than one year from the date you were given a copy of your prescription, following the completion of your contact lens exam and fitting, unless you have a specific medical reason that would warrant you seeing the doctor for an updated exam in less than one year.

How long does it take to get contacts from 1-800 Contacts? ›

Ordering: Speedy

You can also upload a copy of your prescription or simply provide your doctor's information. Regardless, 1-800 Contacts will contact your doctor to verify everything is correct. Because of this, orders can take up to 48 hours to process.

Are contacts more expensive with higher prescription? ›

If that sounds like a big range, it is, but costs vary widely. Contacts for higher prescriptions or astigmatism are more expensive. Daily contact lenses cost more than those that are replaced bi-weekly or monthly. Work with your eye doctor to find contacts that work with your eyes and your budget.

Are prescription contacts cheaper than glasses? ›

Contact lenses are typically even more expensive than glasses. The average amount spent annually on contact lenses is around $250, but this price can fluctuate quite a bit depending on the type of lenses prescribed and the wear schedule. Non-disposable contacts tend to cost a little less than disposable contacts.

What happens if you wear contacts that aren't your prescription? ›

Wearing the wrong prescription may worsen myopia. Traditional or single-vision eyeglasses and contact lenses may contribute to worsening myopia. Although the prescription allows for sharper distance vision, it doesn't completely refocus peripheral light onto the retina, resulting in continued eye growth.

What type of contacts do most eye doctors recommend? ›

Some ophthalmologists recommend disposable daily wear contacts if you use them just once in a while. Extended wear contacts. You can wear these while you sleep, but they need to be removed for cleaning at least once a week.

What is a good price for contact lenses? ›

The cost of contact lenses can vary, but the average cost for an annual supply of contacts, if you're nearsighted, should be between around $200 and $300. If you need to replace your contacts throughout the year, plan to purchase around sic to 10 boxes total, with a cost of around $20 to $30 for each box.

Which contact lens company is best? ›

Contact Lenses Brands List
  • Johnson and Johnson Contact Lenses.
  • Ciba Vision Contact Lenses.
  • Bausch & Lomb Contact Lenses.
  • Cooper Vision Contact Lenses.
  • Aryan Contact Lenses.
  • Acme Yearly Toric Contact Lenses.
  • Celebrations Contact Lenses.
  • Silk Lens Contact Lenses.

Does it matter what brand of contacts I get? ›

Not all brands are equal

Why can't I just get any brand of contacts I want?” Unfortunately, no. Aside from getting a contact that fits your eye perfectly (not all brands make lenses in every size), different lens materials may be more comfortable/effective for your specific vision needs.

Is it cheaper to get contacts from doctor? ›

Wrong. The reality is that not only is ordering contacts from your local eye doctor usually cheaper than ordering online, there are a number of additional price benefits to ordering local – including higher rebates, better shipping, and better insurance coverage.

Can I buy contact lens without consulting the doctor? ›

In short, you can't! The wrong fit or type of contact lenses can threaten the lasting health of your eyes and eyesight. Therefore, you need to visit a qualified eye care professional before and after purchasing your new contact lenses in Lee's Summit, MO.

Is it OK to use generic contact solution? ›

Generic solutions are safe and FDA approved, but formulations may change from time to time depending on the supplier and manufacturer. The product may not always be the same exact solution every time you buy it.

How can you tell if contact lenses are fake? ›

How to Identify Counterfeit Contact Lenses
  1. Packaging is a different color, contains misspellings, or foreign language characters.
  2. Contact lenses are larger or smaller than they should be.
  3. Contacts exhibit surface irregularities, bumps, uneven thicknesseses or uneven edges.

Why is my contact prescription stronger than glasses? ›

Part of the reason for the differences is that contacts are placed directly on the lens of your eye, while glasses sit about 12 millimeters away. That seemingly minor difference requires a different prescription strength for each type of corrective eyewear.

How many months of a prescription can you get at once? ›

Today, laws and regulations governing prescription duration vary from state to state; for non-controlled substances, the prescription duration is generally a maximum of 12 months. However, some states have begun extending the prescription duration beyond 12 months.

How many boxes of contacts do I need for a year for daily contacts? ›

If you replace your contacts approximately every two weeks, this means you need about five boxes (30 lenses) per eye, or a total of 10 boxes per year.

Can 1-800 Contacts change your prescription? ›

We'll exchange any unopened contacts for free (including shipping) should your prescription change.

How much do contacts cost without insurance? ›

What You Can Expect to Pay. Disposable contact lenses cost approximately $200 to $1,000 per year or $15 to $85 per month for regular wearers, if you're buying for both eyes. This range is so broad because it encompasses different types of contact lenses for different kinds of vision correction.

How much does 1-800 Contacts cost? ›

Who's cheapest? 1-800 Contacts, Lens.com or LensDirect.com
Johnson & Johnson 1 Day-Acuvue Moist 90-day$65.00$59.99
Biofinity 6-pack$37.99$49.99
Air Optix Aqua 6-pack$35.99$54.99
Dailies AquaComfort Plus 90-pack$47.99$51.99
4 more rows
Sep 21, 2018

Which prescription is stronger glasses or contacts? ›

Because eyeglasses sit some distance away from your eyes, the prescription for glasses is typically a bit stronger than for contact lenses. This is the primary difference between the two prescriptions.

How much do contacts cost monthly? ›

SofLens Daily Disposable Toric for Astigmatism 30 pack by Bausch + Lomb: average retail price of $25 a box for a month's supply, about $300 annually. 1-Day Acuvue Moist 30 pack by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care: average retail price of $32 a box for a month's supply, about $384 annually.

What's better daily or monthly contacts? ›

Monthly lenses are more cost-effective than dailies if you wear contacts every day. It's also ideal for people who switch between glasses and contacts multiple times a day. You can clean and place them back again when needed, unlike with disposable lenses that must be discarded after use.

Is your vision better with contacts or glasses? ›

You may be asking whether glasses or contact lenses are better for your eyes, but the answer ultimately boils down to one thing - your lifestyle. Both eyeglasses and contact lenses serve the same person, which is to help you improve the quality of your life by seeing more clearly.

Do you get better vision with glasses or contacts? ›

Contacts and glasses alike offer superior optical correction based on your prescription. However, since contacts are applied to your eyes, they cover your whole field of view. That will give you the best central and side vision, making for the best eyewear experience.

Do your eyes get worse if you don't wear contacts? ›

You can stop wearing your glasses or contact lenses for many eye conditions without risking your eye health. You may experience uncomfortable symptoms, but it won't damage your eyes.

Can wearing contacts everyday damage your eyes? ›

Approximately 45 million Americans wear contact lenses daily. However, not many people know that contacts can actually harm your eyes. Wearing your contacts for too long, not cleaning them properly, and not replacing them on schedule can all result in damage to your eyes.

What is the weakest contact prescription? ›

Mild: -0.50 to -3. Moderate: -3.25 to -5.00. High: -5.25 to -10. Extreme: greater than-10.

How can you tell if your contacts are fake? ›

How to Identify Counterfeit Contact Lenses
  1. Packaging is a different color, contains misspellings, or foreign language characters.
  2. Contact lenses are larger or smaller than they should be.
  3. Contacts exhibit surface irregularities, bumps, uneven thicknesseses or uneven edges.

What contacts does Kylie Jenner use? ›

Kylie Jenner wears Solotica Color Contact Lenses! Kylie Jenner has been spotted numerous times wearing Solotica in different colors and styles. Kylie's blue eyes are Solotica Hidrocor Ice, Solotica Hidrocor Crystal, and sometimes Solotica Natural Crystal.

Is 1-800 Contacts Mormon? ›

In 1995, his business model helped him win the 1995 Business Plan Competition hosted by BYU's Marriott School of Management, which awarded him capital to help grow his business (originally named 1-800-LENS-NOW) into 1-800 Contacts. Coon is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Does 1-800 Contacts give refunds? ›

Of course! You're only responsible for covering the difference in cost between the two brands. If your new brand is less expensive (lucky you), we'll give you the option for a refund.

Can an eye doctor tell if you wear contacts? ›

Arriving at a contact lens follow-up exam with your lenses in will also let your eye doctor see whether or not you've been wearing them properly. If you haven't been, your eye doctor will be able to tell you what you can do to make the best possible use of your lenses.

Can a contact lens fall out without you knowing? ›

Contact lenses are designed to fit perfectly in your eyes, it's highly unlikely that they will just randomly fall out during the day. The only times contacts actually fall out of a person's eyes are connected with some kind of external stimulus. With normal use, soft contact lenses will stay firmly in position.

How long do fake contacts last? ›

Non-Prescription (Fake) Contacts

change the color of your eyes. Many people in the entertainment industry use them. They are safe; however, you need a prescription from an authorized retailer. These lenses can last anywhere between 30 days to a year after opening.

Does Jennifer Aniston have contact lenses? ›

Possibly one of the most-loved actresses of our time, the award-winning Jennifer Aniston, aged 52, also wears contacts both on and off-screen. Famous for her portrayal of Rachel Green in the popular sitcom Friends, she has also played lead roles in numerous shows and movies.

What color contacts does Khloe Kardashian use? ›

We pride ourselves on producing the most comfortable and natural green colored contact lenses on the market. You might have seen top beauty influencers like Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian switching their eye color on Instagram and other social channels -and yes, those were Solotica contact lenses!


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