1-800 Contacts Review (2023)

We purchased contacts from 1-800 Contacts so our reviewer could thoroughly test and assess the website, the customer service, and the contacts. Keep reading for our full product review.

My uncorrected vision has progressively worsened over the years, so I take access to a regular supply of contact lenses very seriously. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to put online contact lens retailers to the test, starting with 1-800 Contacts. I wanted to know if the website, arguably the most well-known option for contacts, lived up to its reputation in terms of selection, service, and speed.

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Website: Ordering made easy

I found 1800contacts.com, or just contacts.com, exceptionally easy to navigate. The site features a nice-looking blue and white design and presents information in easily digestible sections. An app that works on iOS and Android makes it easy to order on a cell phone. A witty voice takes the tedium out of the process; for example, the money-back guarantee is a “gajillion percent promise,” the customer service agents are “real people, real nice,” and the ordering process is “way too easy”—all promises I can confirm the company keeps.

The intuitive design guided me through the process. Start by finding your brand; type in the search bar on the homepage, or opt to browse all brands. 1-800 Contacts sells a wide variety of brands (38 and counting) including Acuvue, DAILIES, Biofinity, and Clariti. In fact, the site boasts maintaining the largest inventory of any retailer at any one time, which means you’re more likely to get your contacts faster.

After making a selection, customers are taken to a page displaying contacts, another search bar for brands or keywords, and more filter options along the side: brands, manufacturers (Alcon, Bausch + Lomb, CooperVision, and Johnson & Johnson), and lens types (toric and astigmatism, multifocal and bifocal, color and enhancing, disposables, soft, and vial).

You can order from A to Z or by the most popular products, or simply select your lenses. Once you do, you’re taken to a product page, complete with a photo, description, and availability status. Note that there are no ratings or reviews, as there are on other contact-ordering sites.

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Ordering: Speedy

Ordering contacts online is much like ordering other types of items, only instead of size, customers enter their prescriptions, and those prescriptions must pass a verification process. You can also upload a copy of your prescription or simply provide your doctor’s information. Regardless, 1-800 Contacts will contact your doctor to verify everything is correct. Because of this, orders can take up to 48 hours to process.

One thing that sets this site apart from its competitors is its free online eye exams. If you have an expired prescription, you can renew on-site via a vision test—as long as your refraction hasn’t changed. All it takes is answering a few simple questions, like your age, and taking a quick vision test using your computer’s camera.

One thing that sets this site apart from its competitors is its free online eye exams.

Standard shipping is always free—no matter how much money you spend. I got my lenses in just five days, including the time it took to renew my prescription. Standard free shipping is estimated to take five to seven business days. Expedited, one-day shipping is currently available for $10, but these offers can change.

My order came in thoughtfully designed packaging, which included a contact lens case, a pair of sample contacts, and my two boxes of lenses. Everything looked high-quality, and the box was covered in cute slogans, like “sweet, sweet optical relief” and “for happy eyes.”


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Customer Service: Superb

This website offers superior, friendly customer service. Knowledgeable employees are available via phone, email, mail, or chat 24 hours a day. I asked questions regarding how long it would take to get my lenses, how to get my prescription renewed online, and how to use the price match service (more on that next). Each time, my questions and concerns were speedily resolved.

Knowledgeable employees are available via phone, email, mail, or chat 24 hours a day.

Confirmation emails kept me informed every step of the ordering process. The only issue is that the site sends a lot of emails. I got one or more a day from the time I first went on the site until after I got my lenses—and they’re still coming. Some of these emails are welcome, but others feel like overkill. I’ve continued to get an occasional email soliciting me to fill out surveys as well.

1-800 Contacts backs its products with a 100% guarantee, offering refunds for torn lenses and sealed lenses that are expired or unused. Customers can also get a refund if their prescriptions change before they finish using their supply. Shipping is even free for returns.

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Price: High, but the company has a price match guarantee

1-800 Contacts excels in service, speed, guarantees, and fun design, but less so on price. For my contacts (a 24-pack of Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus), 1-800 Contacts charges $152 per box. Out of all the popular online contact lens retailers, it ranked the highest in price.

For the exact same box, AC Lens charges $96, ContactsDirect $141, Walmart Contacts $140, Lens.com $110, and Simple Contacts $120. Considering that you end up with an identical product, even the bonuses of top-notch service and quick delivery can’t justify the extra cost.

However, 1-800 Contacts does not have any hidden fees, like some online retailers, and it will match any price you find. In my case, I simply let the company know via the chat function that I found lower prices at the retailers above. In minutes, the agent checked the other sites, and I was refunded the difference plus $1. However, this is a hoop you must jump through to get the best price.

The prices are high compared to other retailers, but 1-800 Contacts does not have any hidden fees, and it will match any price you find.

Additionally, first-time orderers can often receive 10 to 20% off, and students are also eligible for a 10% discount. Lower rates are available when you sign up for subscription services (contacts are mailed to you at regular intervals but can be canceled at any time).

1-800 Contacts also accepts insurance as an in-network provider for Blue View Vision (Anthem BCBS). The company is also an out-of-network provider for most other major insurance companies, including VSP, Davis Vision, Superior Vision, EyeMed, And Spectera (United Healthcare). To access in-network coverage, call (1-844-544-7878) or use the website’s chat feature. For out-of-network, simply fill out the insurance reimbursement form and mail it to your provider, along with your receipt.

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1-800 Contacts vs. AC Lens

While I was very happy with my experience of ordering with 1-800 Contacts, another website I tested, AC Lens, won on price. This competitor offers the exact product for over a third less—just $96 per box. However, 1-800 Contacts is backed by a price guarantee, so I got the price difference returned to me. Obviously, this does add a step, but I thought it was worthwhile, especially for those who may have an expired prescription that 1-800 Contacts can renew at no cost.

Final Verdict

Yes, order contacts on this site.

1-800 Contacts offers a streamlined, user-friendly platform, as well as great perks like doctors who can renew your expired prescriptions at no charge and excellent, 24-hour customer service. The only drawback is that its prices top the market, but the company does offer a price match guarantee.


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